IMPLab News and Progress:

202207 Summer is a great time for new undergrads!  Welcome Anita Abbo and Martina Jwaida!

202206- Looks who’s back!  Arjun Chadha, now an M4 at MSU) is back to do a quick research rotation!

20211207- Lindsay Pittman defended her Master’s Thesis today- and got lots of compliments!  Congratulations!

20211024- Great to have another trainee starting.  Welcome Ben Cavanaugh, MSU-Macomb M1 to our research team!

20210909- Another awesome collaborative paper published with our collaborators in the Rossi Lab!  Fructose is bad, and has lasting effects – even if you cut it out!

20210819- Charles is grateful and humbled to be elevated to Associate Professor of Physiology (with tenure)

20210604- Our preload paper is finally accepted and online!  Great work led by undergraduates!

20210601- Excited to welcome Henry Stalanker to our lab via the Department of Physiology Summer Undergraduate Research Program!

20210211- Wayne State wrote up a press release bout our research!

20210105- Its a new year, but charles will not be able to be called a New Investigator anymore! An R01 was awarded to the lab tu further our studies on Mechanical Control of Relaxation!

20200903- Welcome to the Fall semester!  charles is now running the PSL Seminars so look for more work for him- I mean more interactions with different faculty!

20200812- Our collaboration with Noreen Rossi’s group is being published in the journal Integrated Blood Pressure Control!

20200727– We’re excited to participate in this year’s Virtual AHA BCVS meeting!  Posts from our group and our collaborations with IIT/BioCAT and Alma College are being presented.

20200625– charles is giving an ISHR webinar tomorrow!  (Check out more on our Research page)

20200605– CONGRATULATIONS to Melissa Bukowski who passed her Written Qualifying Exam and is not a PhD Candidate!  It was the first virtual (video conference) exam, but she did great!

20200529– A reminder that data never goes away and its never too late to publish:  charles helped co-author a paper on titin skeletal muscle with Henk Granzier (his old mentor) and Coen Ottenheijm in Frontiers in Physiology!

20200429– charles is excited to get back into ventricular vascular coupling and hemodynamics in collaboration with Donal O’Leary’s lab here at Wayne State.  Our recent publication in the American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory Physiology is online now!


20200429– Tears of joy today.  Alex Matus, and Hunter Dlugas graduate with their undergraduate degrees today (Alex graduates with honors!.  Congrats!  Its been a hard few months but these three (and everyone else) have been working hard to finish data.  Now working on co-authored papers for them (and everyone else in lab)


20200422– Great to collaborate with Jonathan Kirk’s lab at Loyola University!  Mark in our lab did some great work analyzing titin in a model of Binge Drinking published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.


20200406– Our work on relaxation has charles thinking about myosin.  Check out his recent editorial in the Journal of General Physiology (also discussed on our research page.

20200330– It’s an unusual time, but the lab has donated our spare gloves and masks for local hospitals.  We’re looking to keep safe, adapt to sciencing from home, and helping where we can.

20200326– An odd time, but Po-Jen “Paul” Chiang is joining the lab as a Research Assistant!

20200310– Charles has an editorial coming out in the Journal of General Physiology discussing strain rate dependent cardiac relaxation.

20200205– Congrats to Teresa Czeiszperger and Madison Wang for having a manuscript accepted to Physiologic Reports!

20200113– Congrats to Lab Alums Mark Hiske and Arjun Chadha and Collaborator Patrick Mueller for having a manuscript accepted to Frontiers in Physiology!

202012– Its a time of transition in the lab.  Mark Hiske is leaving the lab after 4 years!  Best to him on his teacher training.  Madison Wang graduates from Wayne State’s undergraduate program.  (But charles is excited that she’ll continue to work in lab for a semester!)  Welcome Erik Arden who’ll learn how to perform titin biochemistry.

201911– Madison Wang is headed to ABRCMS to present her work!

20190909- Congratulations to Hunter Dlugas for receiving funding from the Richard Barber Interdisciplinary Research Program for Fall 2019!

20190830- The fall semester is upon us!  Jonathan Groening is heading back to Alma College for his senior year, but don’t fret:  Dr. Milne is coming back to work with us on striated muscle ultrasound.  Also, Hunter Dlugas, a senior, will join us for the academic year and Lindsay Pittman, a master’s student, will rotate with us in the fall.

20190801- Congratulations to Alex Matus for winning the Local Undergraduate Research Award in Physiology at the 2019 Wayne State University Summer Undergraduate Research Day!

20190726- The end of the month brings more conferences!  Look for Charles at AHA BCVS 2019 in Boston starting July 29th and our undergraduates will present at the Wayne State University Summer Undergraduate Research Day August 1st.

20190708- The lab has begun taking data at BioCAT!  Thanks to Weikang Ma and Tom Irving for hosting us to begin taking X-ray diffraction in twitching muscles.

20190628- Congratulations to Alex Matus for winning 3rd Place in the Poster Award competition at the 2019 Michigan Physiological Society Meeting!

20190628– Our first manuscript on ultrasonic characterization was recently published!  Congrats to our collaborator, Michelle Milne at St Mary’s College Maryland, and our former undergraduates Thamer Alkhazal and Brianna Schick for co-authoring this paper!

20190627- The lab is at Central Michigan University for the 2019 Michigan Physiological Society meeting.

20190513- Welcome back Jon Groening!  Jon is back at Wayne State for the summer!

20190302- Lots of Presentations!  Melissa Bukowski presents at the Michigan Diabetes Research Consortium meeting in Ann Arbor and Charles Chung is on his way to Baltimore for the 2019 Biophysical Society Meeting!

20190130– Check out our review of how myocardial strain impacts cardiac and myofilament function!

20190101- New Year in the lab means new people!  Melissa Bukowski will join us this year as a Graduate Student!

20181201- We’re honored to have received a Pilot Grant from the Michigan Diabetes Research Center!

20180701– Today marks the end and start of AHA support.  Our Scientist Development Grant support ended yesterday, but we are excited that AHA will continue to support us with a Transformational Project Award!

201806– Summer Presentations:  It has been an exciting two months of presentations for the IMPLab.

In May, charles and Brianna Schick went to the Myofilament Meeting in Madison WI.  charles was honored to be invited for a talk, but more importantly, Brianna did an excellent oral presentation on her preload-dependent relaxation project at the Early Career Investigator session to start off the conference!  (Special note: Brianna was one of the only undergraduates to attend and the only one to do an oral presentation!)  Both charles and Brianna presented posters during the talk.

In June, Brianna, Mark Hiske, Madsion Wang, and Jon Groening attended the Michigan Physiological Society Meeting in Houghton MI.  Both Brianna and Jon participated in the Michigan Physiological Quiz Bowl (MiPQ).  Brianna and the team from Wayne State successfully defended last year’s win!  Jon and the team from Alma came in at a close second!  Brianna was one of two undergraduates to be invited to give an oral presentation.  Mark presented a poster on titin and exercise.