Support and Collaborations


Research support for the Integrative Muscle Physiology Lab is provided by:

Undergraduate research has been supported by

  • Wayne Physiology Summer Undergraduate Research Program
  • Wayne SoM Summer Undergraduate Research Experience
  • Richard Barber Interdisciplinary Research Program (Wayne State UROP)

External Collaborations

Along with continued collaboration with charles’s previous labs (1, 2, 3, 4), we have a number of external collaborations.  Here’s just a few of them:

  • Michelle Milne, PhD, St Mary’s College Maryland – Ultrasound Fiber Architecture and Tissue Characterization (Publications: 1)
  • Weikang Ma and Tom Irving, IIT and BioCAT – X-ray diffraction of muscle fibers
  • Karen Ball, PhD, Integrative Physiology and Health Science, Alma College – Titin in unusual species
  • Jonathan A Kirk, PhD, Loyola University (Chicago) – Titin modifications (Publications: 1)


Internal Collaborations

We collaborate with several investigators at Wayne State University.  Here’s several faculty that we work with: